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So…I can stand paying for Hulu Plus and still having to watch commercials for the sake of all the shows it has that Netflix doesn’t. What I can’t stand is my streams glitching and freezing every. Five. Minutes. UGH.

I feel like there’s something people don’t understand or just plain ignore when they complain about the lack of nontraditional casting. Especially like the post I just read saying “diversity in this cast is so good, but why isn’t character a played by an actor of race b?” You can only cast from the pool of actors who actually auditioned. If there weren’t pocs, etc, who auditioned for the role, they can’t be cast. And if there were a white person (or an African American in this case) who was a better actor and did a better job of portraying the character in a way the casting person liked, they’re the one who is going to be cast, and that is not racist. I’m not saying racist casting can’t or doesn’t happen, but in a situation like particular case, that is not what’s going on.


when the two characters you ship more than anything stand next to each other in official art


Though LM1934 also has this bit with Enjolras and Grantaire, so there’s that.

Though LM1934 also has this bit with Enjolras and Grantaire, so there’s that.

Look, more shaming people for their interests on my dash. Awesome.